Bold ideas build the advantage

Since 1988, the Medallion Fund has produced annual returns of 66 per cent. This is the best proof that Jim Simmons’ way of thinking simply works! No other investor has come close to what the founder of Renaissance Technologies has accomplished.  The book, “The Man Who Solved the Market” written by Gregory Zuckerman was a solid dose of inspiration for us. Simmons proved that outperformance is possible. And not by chance, but in thoughtful, specific and repeatable actions. 

The author proves in the book that it pays off, and at the same time helps to avoid mistakes and excessive optimism, which is a frequent reason for losses on the markets. New technologies and bold ideas are the approaches that lead to better and better results! In Omphalos Fund we have the first evidence of this, in the form of a 45% rate of return, achieved within 2 years! Our work is guided by consistency and perseverance. These are universal values that work in investing as well as in life!