The Technology

Inspired by AlphaGO and the M4 competition the team behind the Omphalos Fund started developing the technology in 2018 and launched the fund in January 2022.

AI is at the heart of our investment strategy – this is what the next generation of asset management is all about! It enables us to process vast amounts of data, identify patterns, and make predictive analyses that human managers or old-school IT platforms alone cannot. This leads to more informed and timely investment decisions.

Our Edge

The most important advantages of our approach are:

  • Outstanding results during “normal” market periods.
  • Good results are supported by strict risk control during high-volatility periods.
  • Our research platform is designed to incorporate new forecasting methods and strategies continuously and efficiently as they are discovered or become available. 
  • Our AI platform is continuously learning and evolving. It’s designed to adapt to new data and market conditions, which allows us to stay ahead in a rapidly changing investment landscape.
  • Team of top-level data scientists and developers. Access to a large and sophisticated talent pool, as well as to state-of-the-art cloud and multi-cloud optimized resources.
  • Our long-term ambition is to follow Renaissance Technology, Volean and other quant funds by continuously incorporating the most advanced AI technology and making the platform accessible to our investors.
  • Transparency is key for trust. We have a clear overview, of what our AI platform is doing, at every moment. We provide investors with regular insights into how our AI operates, the key performance data, and the risk management protocols in place.
  • Strict human control of risk and exposure.

Risk and exposure management

Risk and exposure management is integral to our investment process. We are continuously monitoring risk levels and exposure for the key asset classes by a dedicated team of experienced traders. In case of exceeding certain thresholds of exposure or market concentration, hedge positions are opened to limit the exposure and risk. The highest priority is to keep the risk low and have the highest possible diversification across financial instruments, asset classes and markets.

A quantitative and automated approach

In our methodology, we follow fundamental quantitative investing rules:

  • Backtested results for different market conditions.
  • Strict and repeatable rules.
  • No live trading without previous testing, training, optimization, simulation and real paper trading.
  • Fully automated investment decisions – investing without human emotions.
  • Only proven and verified strategies implemented in live trading mode.
  • Rigorous alpha evaluation and their life cycle monitoring.
  • We are applying all quantitative investing principles using the latest AI methods.

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