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Omphalos Fund 

The Next Generation of Investment Management & Trading

At Omphalos Fund, we are revolutionizing investing and trading with our AI-driven approach, setting new benchmarks for risk-adjusted returns. 
Our secret? A fusion of the most advanced technologies such as machine learning and time series forecasting, carefully designed to outperform traditional – active or passive – asset management strategies. 
Backed by AI Investments and its team of leading AI experts, we have a proven track record of navigating through market volatility with unrivalled precision and delivering sustainable growth. 
Data – not guesswork, powers each decision we make, positioning Omphalos as a pioneer of the next generation of investment management. 
For those seeking to redefine their investment journey into the new reality of AI, Omphalos Fund offers a blend of cutting-edge innovation, expertise and security.

The Omphalos Fund is trading 24 hours / 5 days a week across global markets and over 200 financial instruments, both long and short, targeting to achieve a non-correlated return to the broader market, with low volatility and a high Sharpe ratio.

The Team behind Omphalos Fund

Omphalos Fund, domiciled in Luxembourg, is a cutting-edge investment firm utilizing a complete AI integrated investment and trading platform. The fund is set up to deliver market-neutral strategies that consistently achieve high net returns and Sharpe ratios with low drawdowns. Established in 2019, our skilled team is dedicated to pioneering the integration of AI in asset management, driving innovation and excellence. We’re committed to leading the evolution of asset management into its next generation.

The team at Omphalos comprises seasoned professionals with extensive backgrounds in finance, mathematics, and technology. We have experts in AI, machine learning, quantitative analysis, statistics, and asset management. This team of leading AI experts is the cornerstone of our success, bringing unrivalled precision to navigating market volatility and a proven track record of delivering sustainable growth.

With AI Investments located in Warsaw, just right next to two of Europe’s leading universities for engineering, maths, computer science and physics, Omphalos Fund benefits from the talents and latest findings in AI research.

Paweł Skrzypek – CEO, Co-Founder and Fund Manager of Omphalos Fund

Pawel is a distinguished technology leader, recognized for transforming the IT infrastructure of multi-billion dollar enterprises into innovation powerhouses across the EU and USA. His expertise in leveraging AI-based technologies has been pivotal in driving their competitive advantage and growth. As a pioneer in the development and application of hybrid multi-cloud technologies, Pawel has enhanced the safety and operational excellence of businesses worldwide. In addition to his technological prowess, Pawel is a certified trader and seasoned investor, boasting a successful 15-year track record in the financial markets.

Dominik Libicki – Chairman and Co-Founder

Dominik is a seasoned entrepreneur renowned for his role in scaling Cyfrowy Polsat Group from a nascent startup to a valuation of around $5 billion, culminating in a leading position within the European Union through a disruptive business model. His strategic vision also led to the co-founding of Insignis Fund, which manages $600 million, including resources from sovereign wealth funds. Further showcasing his financial acumen, Dominik has managed a substantial $4 billion at Kulczyk Investments, Poland’s largest Single Family Office.

Tomasz Przeździęk – Chief Data Officer

Tomasz, serving as the Chief Data Officer at Omphalos Fund, is instrumental in orchestrating the firm’s data strategy and ensuring the integrity and efficacy of the AI-driven investment platform. With a robust data science and analytics background, Tomasz brings a wealth of expertise to the role, underpinning the firm’s commitment to data-driven decision-making. His leadership is pivotal in harnessing the power of big data to unlock actionable insights, optimize investment processes, and fuel the continued growth and innovation at Omphalos Fund

Carsten Böhme – Senior Advisor

Carsten is a strategic advisor on the Advisory Board of Omphalos Fund, distinguished by his leadership in the asset management industry and a successful track record in corporate growth. With his substantial experience and his advisory firm Trencavel Cie., he brings valuable insights to Omphalos Fund’s strategy and market expansion in Europe. His adeptness at navigating market complexities and his commitment to innovation and modern management practices resonate deeply with Omphalos’s mission to leverage AI in asset management. Carsten’s role supports Omphalos’s commitment to offering sophisticated, market-neutral investment strategies.

About the Company

The Omphalos Fund is a complete AI integrated investment and trading platform based on software designed and developed by AI Investments. The objective of the fund is to generate outstanding returns with controlled risk. 

Since 2019, the Omphalos Fund runs successfully on this AI platform, a fusion of the most advanced technologies such as machine learning, portfolio optimization and time series forecasting.

Omphalos Fund is carefully designed to outperform traditional – active or passive – asset management strategies. 

AI Investments is a pioneer in using the latest achievements of AI for investing. The business was founded in 2018 by a team of scientists and investment professional, involved in the rise of AI since 2015. The platform is powered by cutting-edge AI technology based on the Deepmind Alpha GO research – a unique future casting approach based on Monte Carlo Tree Search with neural networks. It also uses the most advanced time series forecasting methods, including winning M4 Competition methods.

Located in Warsaw, just right next to two of Europe’s leading universities for engineering, maths, computer science and physics, both AI Investments and Omphalos Fund benefits from the talents and latest findings in AI research.

The Omphalos Fund supports Ukraine. We have never invested and will not invest in any Russian assets (stocks, bonds, currencies and others). We also do not accept Russian capital or Russian investors.

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