Food for thought

Science drives us, opens our eyes wider, and transforms us. We would like to share with you what led us to create Omphalos Fund. One of those things was Marcos Lopez de Prado’s book “Advances in Financial Machine Learning”. It’s a great lesson in combining technology with business.

The 3 most insightful lessons we learned after reading the book:

  • Machine learning methods enable you to discover patterns and behaviours that are invisible to humans.
  • Machine learning methods enable systematic, repeatable investing without emotions but with the highest efficiency.
  • Using machine learning methods for investing requires implementing a rigorous scientific methodology for algorithm development and evaluation to avoid findings, that are false discoveries.

We use scientific facts, not personal judgments. It lets us create a fund that is stable and predictable. Investing is always a risk. If we do it in a more efficient and repeatable way, it can be less of one.