How to save $175.000,00 on the cloud?

How does automated management of cloud resources save and strengthen business? In our everyday work, we use AI Investments Ltd. solution, the AI-based investment platform. Using its example, we will tell you about the benefits of cloud automation. Cloud optimization and the use of on-premises infrastructure enables us to use only such resources that we need at the moment. We are not dependent on one provider – we buy resources where it is needed for us. All this happens automatically, so we can make quick changes, and analyzing the possibilities and needs does not require so much involvement of the team. 

The numbers speak for themselves

  • Business goal: train 50 predictions models in 1 hour using the minimal number of resources
  • Result: over 60% cost savings thanks to multi-cloud optimization
  • Cost of optimized multi-cloud infrastructure 3Y TCO: 72 141 $
  • Difference between the optimal and the most costly infrastructure approach 3Y TCO: 175 554$
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